3 More Benefits of Mobile Home Living


In our most recent blog post, we covered three great reasons to choose mobile home living: Mobile homes are more affordable than traditional site-built homes; they provide greater flexibility of location; and they are built to stringent quality standards. You can read the full post for more information, but if you’ve read it and still aren’t sure whether a manufactured home is right for you, then Denver Mobile Homes is here to provide three more benefits of mobile home living!

As Denver’s leading mobile home dealer, we are passionate about removing the stigma of mobile home living and educating Colorado residents on their affordable housing options. The demand for Denver housing is growing faster than supply, and real estate prices continue to climb. Don’t give up on your dream of homeownership just yet — there are creative solutions for you.

Read on to learn three more reasons why mobile home living may be right for you!

1. Community Living

Although you don’t have to live in a mobile home park to enjoy mobile home living, many people appreciate the sense of community it provides. Living in a mobile home neighborhood allows you to enjoy the benefits of private homeownership in a communal environment.

Many mobile home parks offer a variety of community amenities, including social clubs, group activities, and fitness centers. As an owner, you have your own space that is yours to do with as you please, and as a community resident, you can enjoy common pools, spas, parks, and gyms.

Mobile home living means you can get all of the community benefits of living in an apartment complex while also investing in homeownership!

Of course, not everyone sees such a close community as a benefit. If you’d rather have solitude — and skip paying park rent — then you can enjoy your mobile home on your own land.

2. Minimalist Lifestyle

Manufactured homes present an opportunity to live a more minimalist lifestyle. With less home to take care of, you’ll spend less time and money on cleaning and maintenance, and accumulate less clutter.

If it seems like we’re just trying to find a positive spin for having less living space, consider the health benefits of simple living as reported by U.S. News and World Report. Studies consistently find that choosing a lifestyle that lets you focus on family and the environment instead of material consumption and income is linked to higher mental and physical health.

Scaling down does not have to feel like a sacrifice. Embrace minimalist living by choosing to live in a manufactured home!

3. Eco-Friendly

The Manufactured Housing Institute reports that, during construction, mobile homes yield up to 90% less waste and environmental impact than a traditional site-built house does. Mobile home carbon footprints are so much lower because typically, mobile homes are built in a controlled environment and then transported to their final location. This allows builders to easily oversee the construction process and abide by stringent production standards. It also prevents the environmental damage associated with transporting raw materials to and from a construction site every day.

Some modular homes allow you to choose energy efficient add-ons, like solar panels and energy-saving appliances. As a mobile home owner, it’s easy and affordable to optimize your entire home for energy efficiency!

Mobile home living helps you save money and the planet! Go green by viewing available mobile homes for sale today.

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