3 Benefits of Mobile Home Living


Mobile homes have gotten a bad rap. The negative media stereotype of dirty mobile home parks and “trailer trash” residents has made many families wary of even considering mobile home living as an option. The truth is, mobile homes can provide a safe, comfortable, affordable home for a wide variety of people.

At Denver Mobile Homes, we’ve made it our mission to remove the stigma of mobile home living and provide affordable housing solutions throughout the Denver metro area. We know that it’s all a matter of perspective. For example, did you know that Malibu, California is home to a mobile home park with multi-million-dollar properties for sale? Although our mobile homes don’t have ocean views, they’re much more affordable — and just as comfortable.

In today’s post, we’re going over three great benefits of mobile home living. Read on to learn more, and view our available mobile homes to find your next address today!

1. Affordability

As the cost of a mid-priced Denver home climbs past $550,000, plenty of Colorado families are re-thinking what homeownership means to them. Mobile home living can bring the dream of homeownership within reach!

Mobile homes are smaller and more affordable than most traditional site-built homes, and according to the Manufactured Housing Institute, mobile homes also cost less per square foot. That means you have fewer square feet to pay for, and less to pay per square foot! Enjoy more bang for your buck and more space for your money.

Although you’ll still have to pay a mortgage on your mobile home (along with rent, if you’re renting the land the mobile home is on, as is the case in most mobile home parks), it will be nothing compared to the monthly cost of mortgaging a site-built home. You can invest that money in other assets instead, and still become a homeowner!

Housing is the single biggest monthly expense for most American families. By minimizing your base housing costs with mobile home living, you can save a significant amount of money every month.

2. Flexibility

As the name suggests, mobile homes are only semi-permanent residences. Although it can be a hassle to move a mobile home after it has been placed, plenty of people do so every day. This flexibility gives you unique options you wouldn’t have in another living arrangement.

For example, if you own land, but you aren’t sure you want to live there forever, then you can place a mobile home on it instead of building a traditional home. You’ll save money on the building process, and if you decide to move to another area in the future, you can bring your home with you!

Usually, homeownership requires putting down roots and committing to living in the area long-term. Mobile homes provide an alternative that gives you more flexibility down the road.

3. High Building Standards

It’s a common misconception that mobile homes are flimsy and vulnerable to weather. In fact, in 1976, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development imposed stringent quality standards on all new mobile home construction. Because of this, mobile homes built after 1976 should actually be referred to as “manufactured homes” to reflect the new manufacturing quality. Most people still use “mobile homes” as the common term, even though it technically only refers to homes built before 1976.

All recently built manufactured homes are assembled in a controlled environment and meet strict safety and quality-control standards. From heating and air conditioning to plumbing and structural design, modern manufactured homes are engineered for comfort and longevity.

Also, according to the Manufactured Housing Institute, modern modular homes are optimized for “wind safety and energy efficiency based on the geographic region in which they are sold.” Florida mobile homes are built to withstand hurricane-force winds, and Colorado mobile homes will keep you safe and warm through any blizzard.

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