4 Tricks to Make Any Small Space Seem Bigger


As the Denver housing market continues to balloon, many families are trying to find unique housing options that don’t break the bank. We’ve written before about how to find safe, affordable housing in the Denver metro area, and lots of people are turning to mobile home living as their long-term solution.

Although there are many benefits to life in a mobile home, it doesn’t come without its challenges. As a leading mobile home dealer in Colorado, the team at Denver Mobile Homes has made it our mission to remove the stigma of mobile home living and provide you with the resources to make the most of your life!

We know that one of the greatest challenges posed by making the switch from a traditional home to a modular home is downsizing your living space. That’s why in today’s post, we’re providing our top four tips for making any small space seem bigger. Check them out here, and when you’re ready to give them a test-run in your own mobile home, you can view our available properties and contact us today!

1. Scale Down Your Furniture

If you want your space to feel open and inviting instead of cramped and claustrophobic, you should start by taking a look at your furniture. Optimizing a small space is all about scale — the gigantic pillowy sectional may have been perfect in your last home, but it might be too bulky for a smaller space. If the edges of your furniture are brushing against the boundaries of the room, it’s too large.

Maximize the usable space in the room by opting for sleeker, smaller sofas and chairs, especially those that have space for storage underneath. They can provide just as much sitting space without swallowing up the entire room. For a more whimsical feel, try out hanging chairs that free up your floor space!

2. Keep Wall Hangings Low

One simple trick to making a space feel larger and more open is to hang photos, mirrors, and decorations slightly lower down in order to leave more open wall space above them. This will create the illusion of higher ceilings, and your walls won’t feel cluttered with floor-to-ceiling decorations. Don’t get too crazy with it — you don’t want houseguests crouching to peer at your wedding photos — but give your ceilings some breathing room.

3. Invest In Mirrors For Every Room

Okay, maybe not every room… but it’s no secret that mirrors are one of the easiest ways to create a sense of depth and openness in a space. They reflect both light and the view, simultaneously brightening and obscuring the edges of a room. If you’re looking for a simple way to trick the mind into thinking a room goes on for longer than it does, throw a mirror in it.

Walls that don’t get a lot of natural light are one of the best places to put a mirror, but you can put them pretty much anywhere you like.

4. Use Bright Whites On Your Walls and Ceilings

Optimizing a small space is all about creating depth and movement with the way you design it. Don’t forget colors in your arsenal of tools! We recommend going with very bright, airy whites and off-whites as the base color for your space.

Like mirrors, the color white bounces light around a room and makes it feel brighter, more open, and more spacious. If you’re concerned that an all-white color scheme will feel too boring or sterile, you can spice it up with natural, earthy, warm colors and textures like wooden furniture or shaggy wool throws.

Put These Tips To The Test With Denver Mobile Homes

Ready to see our space-expanding tricks in action? Contact our team at Denver Mobile Homes! We are dedicated to providing safe, affordable housing options for families in the competitive Denver area housing market. Mobile homes have gotten a bad rap, but they can be a wonderful, unique housing solution, and you can customize yours to suit your unique needs and tastes. Feel free to reach out to use with any of your mobile home living questions, and in the meantime, you can browse our affordable homes for sale online!